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As a high-tech consulting services companies, Shanghai Grace Field Information Technology co., LTD. (GFIT) is in the Siemens Industry Software and UGITC support, on the basis of established focused on Siemens PLM Software industrial design Software products professional enterprise, is the core of the Siemens Industry Software partners. Providing top class CAD/CAE/CAM/PLM system and related service to China manufacturing enterprises, helping to optimize their design to manufacturing process, reduce time to market, improve product quality and productivity.
GFIT is a focus on manufacturing informatization solutions and related consulting services of high-tech software services company, wholeheartedly committed to China's manufacturing industry to provide world-class product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, including computer aided design (CAD), computer aided machining (CAM), computer-aided analysis (CAE), digital manufacturing software (DM) and manufacturing process management system (MPM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) system.Focus on for the automotive, general machinery, consumer electronics, aerospace, shipbuilding and other machinery manufacturing industry in the field of the masses of users to provide complete digital product engineering solutions, and comprehensive senior consulting services.
Our staff team is composed of professionals engaged in industrial software system, has rich experience and service for the customer the singleness of heart and professionalism. Common belief and target to make our copolymerization and formed an excellent marketing services team, technical support and application. We adhere to the "Devote, professional, excellence, win-win" business belief and the "泽润一疆  卓越共赢" core values, to provide world class products, bring the real value for customers, and exceed customer expectations as the goal, committed to the popularization and application of digital product engineering solutions, and has set up many enterprises for the user provides consulting services, technical training, software installation, after-sale support, business outsourcing, systems integration and other integrated services.
We promise, we fully cognitive your business needs, our professional understanding you facing the development of confusion, we focus with solution of what you need, we have been ready to serve for you, with professional wisdom and industry experience and excellent strength, for your brilliant and development, doing everything they can to!
Corporate mission
Interpretation GFIT enterprise mission includes the following contents:
Committed to the R&D management enterprise development consultant and industry in certain areas on extracting complete solution of best practices
Committed to the enterprise research and development of comprehensive ability to improve (CAD/CAM/CAE) systematic construction
Committed to the product life cycle management theory system research
Committed to the PLM product technology introduction and localization of fusion
Dedicated to the manufacturing enterprise informatization level application and understanding
And ultimately achieve --
Manufacturing product development business and the integration of PLM management technology solutions, improve the development environment, improve the development quality, implement enterprise technical innovation, quality, innovation, management innovation!
The technical team is introduced:
1, Siemens CAX business team:
Has a more than 20 people CAX development team and service, providing customers with car development module design, modular design, design standardization, the secondary development of a specific industry, machinery industry processing solutions, die-casting mould, plastic mould design solution, fluid mechanical simulation program, etc.
2, Siemens PLM business team:
Has a more than 10 PLM services and development team, providing customers with product life cycle of business process consulting services, has a wealth of project practice ability.
3, Siemens digital simulation business team:
Has a more than 10 PLM services and development team, providing professional design for auto production line, production line simulation, the design and simulation, 3D virtual factory logistics monitoring, simulation and other services.

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